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Bowflex Max Intelligence App

The Bowflex Max Intelligence™ app is the latest in the Bowflex App offerings, available with the new Bowflex Max trainers M6 and M8.  It uses artificial intelligence to monitor and analyze your workouts then predict your needs and make suggestions for the next challenging level. It works in sync with personal training instructor videos and acknowledges achievements with rewards to motivate users – making it fun and inspirational on the way to attaining those fitness goals.  It comes fully loaded on a Samsung tablet, with purchase of max trainers. All users can have access through Android or Apple devices.

Workout Programs

Bowflex Max Intelligence™: It is the use of artificial intelligence on a fitness platform. Imagine each time you workout your program is different, automatically changed to suit your current level but prepared to increase to your next level of challenge without you having to figure it out.  How’s that for having a personal trainer! It does a fitness assessment, and then identifies your level and off you go. You can choose from a wide range of trainer-led videos that are motivating and educational – Bowflex Max will recommend the ones suited for your fitness level. As it tracks your workouts it makes note of your milestones and rewards you for your dedication and increased performance. Max is motivating and friendly while pushing you to the next level.


It’s becoming a fairly common feature in the latest versions of workout equipment, to have access to workouts and motivational instructors streaming live or on videos on demand on Apps. What stands out about the Bowflex Max Intelligence is its capability to assess each of your workouts and then automatically suggest an increase in all its elements to get you to your fitness goals.


There aren’t any cons, but if we were pushed to make one it would be that there isn’t any live streaming, which is the next level, revolutionizing the home gym experience. But Bowflex Max, streams videos on demand with certified instructors, plus since it’s cloud based, there is likely to be a plethora of regularly updated exercises and instructors to choose from.


The Bowflex Max Intelligence™ requires a subscription to use it. It is one level of subscription offered at $149 annually, but for those who are commitment shy, you can register for monthly use at $14.95. The price is not included in the cost of the equipment.


Bowflex Max Intelligence™ is pretty cool. Once it assesses fitness levels, it has the ability to determine your own personal programs  day to day by recording and analyzing your history – you just have to focus on doing your best at each level, with the help from motivational videos and instructors. Check out the app here

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