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Bowflex M5 vs. M6 – A Comparative Look At These Machines

Let’s dive into some details of the M5 and M6. 

Ready to jump on the Bowflex Max Trainer bandwagon? If so, you have a number of different options at your fingertips. Each Max Trainer brings with it its own unique features and benefits – and prince point, so there’s sure to be something for just about every consumer.

When picking out your Bowflex Maxtrainer, it’s important to think about what you need not only now, but into the future so you can be sure that you grow with your machine. If the machine doesn’t advance enough, you may find that you’re in need of a replacement much sooner than you anticipated.

So this said, let’s dive into some details of the M5 and M6.


Dimensions46.1”L x 25” W x 62.9” H49” L x 30.5” W x 65.5” H
User HeightMachine height + 15”User height + 15”
Max Weight300 lbs.300 lbs.
Warranty2 years3 Years
Resistance Levels1616
ConnectivityUp to 2 usersUp to 2 users
Program Features Various program features including Max 14 interval, power interval, calorie goal, steady pace, fat burn, calorie burn, stairs, manual, and fitness testVarious program features including Max 14 interval, power interval, calorie goal, steady pace, fat burn, calorie burn, stairs, manual, and fitness test
Heart Rate MonitorIntegrated hand grips coupled with chest strap if preferredIntegrated hand grips coupled with chest strap if preferred
HandlesMulti-Grip dynamic handlesMulti-grip dynamic handles


Now that you have a better look at these specs, let’s look at what they mean to you.


The price is the sticking point for many consumers, so let’s consider that first. The price on these machines does vary but not by a huge margin. With the M5, you’re looking at $1599. If you bump it up to the M6, it’s just $100 more. As you will soon see, this is justified as the M5 and M6 are not that much different in specs overall.

The more time you spend on it, likely, the easier it will be to just make the jump to the M6.


Looking at the dimensions, we see that both the Bowflex Max Trainer models are nearly the same. The dimensions for the M5 is slightly smaller in all measurements. So if you have a very tight space where every inch counts, then you may be more inclined to go with the M5 model instead of the M6.

You’ll be saving approximately 4 inches difference in length, 5 inches difference in width, and 3 inches difference in height.


The warranty is something else to consider because if you do plan to use the machine quite intensely, you’ll want to ensure that you are fully covered with whichever warranty you choose. The M5 offers a two-year warranty, which is typically sufficient for light exercisers.

Jump that up to the M6 and now you get a three-year warranty. Really take this into consideration. For just $100 more with the machine price, you get an extra year of added warranty.

If something were to go wrong with the machine while you are on year three, you can rest assured that whatever the cost is to fix it was, it would be higher than $100 (as $100 is usually less than the service fee alone).

So if you plan on using the machine for a long time to come and do plan on increasing your intensity over time, it’s probably best to opt for that jump to the M6 simply for this reason. The $100 extra you pay no could very well lead to high savings in the future.


Connectivity may also be something that’s important to you when selecting your Max Trainer. This refers to how many people’s information can be saved in the machine, so if you are using it in a family setting, likely this will be something to think about.

The M5 and M6 offer two-person connectivity, so it isn’t as high as some of the more advanced Bowflex models, but will still give you a dual person data storing feature. For those in larger families, you may want to consider going higher to the M8 model instead.

Do keep in mind though that this doesn’t mean other family members can’t use the machine, it just means their information cannot be saved on it.

This may no be that big of a deal to you depending on your needs anyway, so could be a rather insignificant point.

Program Features

Looking at the program features for both of these machines, we come to see that they provide the same variety of ways to stimulate and further challenge your body.

You’ll get the Max 14 interval program, the power interval program, the calorie goal, steady pace, fat burn, calorie burn, stairs, manual, and fitness test programs. These allow you to easily switch up your workout without much fitness programming background and will also ensure that you don’t become bored with your sessions too quickly.

They are fantastic ways to add interest in your workout routine while keeping you committed to success.

Heart Rate Monitor

Both of the machines come with integrated hand grips that take your heart rate so this is an excellent benefit that most people will use. There is still a chest strap included however if that happens to be your preference.


Finally, the handlebars are also the same with the M5 and M6 both offering multi-grip dynamic handles.

So there you have the differences between the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 and M6 models. The differences between the M5 and M6 is quite small, so it’s probably best for most people to jump up to the M6 model to get that extra warranty. Thinking about your current fitness program and your fitness goals should help you best decide if it’s a good fit.

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