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Best Screen Protectors for Fitbit: Buying Guide 2019

Getting a screen protector for your Fitbit is a good idea, especially if you tend to be hard on your wearable. There are several brands and types available, so this guide will cover some of the top selling and best reviewed options for the most current Fitbit models.

Most of the top screen protectors utilize wet application, and most of them have very specific instructions. It’s important to follow the directions closely, no matter which brand you go with, in order to get the best protection and the best clarity. Come armed with patience and a little time when you set out to apply the protector.

Here are our picks for all current Fitbit devices.

Fitbit Charge 2

1) Skinomi Charge 2 Screen Protector (6 Pack)

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Skinomi is known for making reliable screen protectors that fit well and provide ample protection. They are also “self-healing” and offer ongoing protection against bumps, scratches, UV lights, and so forth. With a 4.4 star average rating on Amazon and plenty of happy customers, this is the Charge 2 screen protector we are happy to recommend.

2) IQ Shield Charge 2 Screen Protectors (6 Pack)

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What’s the difference between this and the Skinomi? Not much. They are priced identically, and both come with 6 protectors and installation solution. IQ Shield offers a squeegee as opposed to the microfiber cloth, so ultimately it’s simply a matter of preference.

Fitbit Alta HR

3) IQ Shield Alta HR Screen Protectors (6 Pack)

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As we mentioned above for the Charge 2 protectors, IQ Shield is one of the most trusted names in the biz. Using a wet application technique, you can use the IQ Shield screen protectors to add long-term protection to your Alta HR screen without bubbles or other annoying clarity issues.

4) Spectre Shield Alta HR Screen Protectors (6 Pack)

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For a very low price, this pack of 6 Alta HR protectors can be yours! Spectre Shield focuses on clarity and touchscreen ability, so this brand is great for transparency and no interference in use. It’s practically a steal at under $5.00

Fitbit Blaze

5) JETech Screen Protector for Fitbit Blaze (2 Pack)

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The best selling and best-reviewed protector for the Blaze comes in a pack of 2 and offers protection against all kinds of incidents. Easy to apply and bubble free, JETech offers a lifetime warranty on their screen protectors.

7) IQ Shield Blaze Screen Protector

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If you haven’t noticed, IQ Shield works great for all Fitbits, so it’s definitely worth a look for your Blaze. This comes in a pack of 6, so you’ll have plenty to last a long time.

Fitbit Ionic

8) Skinomi Ionic Screen Protector (6 Pack)

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Skinomi’s pack of 6 screen protectors works perfectly for the Fitbit Ionic’s large screen. While they promise bubble free application, be aware that it does take time and patience to get it on without bubbles.

10) IQ Shield Ionic Screen Protector (6 Pack)

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And again IQ Shield makes the cut as a top choice for a Fitbit screen protector. For the Ionic, this pack of 6 offers liquid application to ensure long-term protection of the Ionic’s screen.

Do You Need a Screen Protector?

This is a common question, and one that’s hotly debated on forums across the web. Most of Fitbit’s wearables are made of Gorilla glass or other comparable hard material. Even so, it’s common for Fitbit owners to experience scratches on the screens of their devices. And while it’s very frustrating, it also makes sense if you think about it. Many of us wear our trackers or smartwatches all the time — including during hardcore workouts or outdoor sports. Even without those circumstances, it’s still fairly easy to bang your wrist against something or hit the device on a sharp edge just right. As annoying as it is, there simply isn’t a material yet that offers full protection at all times.

Screen protectors are a good solution to those problems. Of course, it cannot protect against everything, but today’s quality protectors offer the best technology to give your wearable an added layer of protection. Reputable brands have found ways to offer protection and complete clarity, so you can definitely expect to get a screen protector that is practically invisible. In addition, good quality screen protectors do not interfere with touchscreen usage. If you’re buying from a brand we haven’t discussed here, definitely, check out the reviews to make sure there are no functional issues on touchscreens.

By and large, there’s no harm in adding a screen protector, and plenty of people get by without them. The answer then is, it depends. 

If you are particularly hard on your device, or if you work or workout somewhere that’s a bit more hostile to wrist wearables than usual, you might consider opting for a case to give it even more protection. This will make the watch bulkier, but it will also protect your Fitbit from harm.

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