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Best Methods To Increase Your Explosive Power

If you’re going about your workout and are looking to increase your speed and power, it’s vital that you incorporate a few tricks and techniques that are designed to build explosive power.

This is very often the goal with many athletes in training as having good power development is critical for optimal sports performance.

This said, some don’t quite understand how to best go about enhancing this area of their fitness program.

Let’s go over what you should know.

Add Plyometrics

The very first thing that you should be considering doing is adding some plyometric training to the mix. This form of training is great for increasing power since it’s going to really target the fast twitch muscles in the body, making sure that you are able to contract them at top speeds.

That’s what will be most essential when you’re aiming to build more power.

Focus On Tempo

Second, you’ll also want to really think about the tempo that you’re using as you go about your weight lifting activities. While the classic protocol is to use a lifting pattern of two to three seconds to lift the weight, a pause at the top of the movement, and then two or three seconds to lower the weight back downwards, by speeding up the tempo on the first portion of the exercise, you can improve your power development.

Use a tempo of around a 1:2:2 ratio for best results. The pause at the top will decrease all the momentum you had built up from the fast raising portion, which will then help you ensure that you maintain full muscle contraction on the way down.

This way you can not only generate great muscular power, but strength as well.

Increase Your Flexibility

Finally, the last thing to remember is that flexibility will also be taken into account when establishing how powerful you become.

If you’re more flexible, you can move through a further range of motion, meaning you can develop more power behind you due to the wind up of the exercise. This will dramatically boost the explosiveness of the movement to come next, so can offer great benefits in helping you reach this goal.

So there you have the primary ways that you can improve your power development through proper workout programming.

Always remember that power training is going to be more intensive on the body than other forms of training, so rest is also going to be essential as well. If you aren’t resting enough between the workouts you do, you won’t see results either.

Aim to take one day off between each workout session for optimal recovery and improvement.

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