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Accessories for Fitbit Charge 3: Best Bands & Screen Protectors

The new Charge 3 from Fitbit is already a hot seller, so many new owners are in search of compatible accessories. We have the scoop on some of the best available products from third-party manufacturers. (Note: Fitbit does offer replacement bands that are great, but they tend to be pretty spendy, so we went looking for more affordable options. If you want to see options just from Fitbit, see them on Amazon.)

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Read on to see our top picks.


Charge 3 Bands

The Charge 3 comes with flexible sports bands in two sizes, and the Special Edition version comes with those bands plus a premium band (either woven or a sport band with holes). The small bands are made for wrists 5.5″-7.1″ and the large bands are made for wrists 7.1″-8.7″ in circumference. Do note that third-party vendors may have different sizing guides, so be sure to find that info before ordering.


Here are some replacement band options in various materials.



DEKER Sport Band

Deker Sport Band

Our top pick is this flexible, comfortable, and attractive band that’s highly affordable. Our personal favorite (and the one I wear daily) is the DEKER sport band. It’s soft and breathable, and it looks fantastic in white. With 11 colors available and a crazy-good price, you can get more than one to match all your favorite outfits.


QIBOXSport Band

Deker Fitbit Band

For fun color pairings, this inexpensive silicone band is the way to go. The QIBOX offers a different look with the same basic band premise — comfortable and flexible silicone with holes for breathability. This band is available in 10 different color combos, from classic black and white to a classy peach and white.


YutiorSport Band

A similar design to the classic Charge 3 band, but in way more colors. If you’re into the look and feel of the band included with your Charge 3, Yutior offers the same design in a number of color options — 8, to be exact. At under $10, you can grab a couple and change them out whenever it suits you.




Yayuu Canvas Band

Yayuu Woven Band for fitbit charge 3

Add some class to your wrist for lots less than the Fitbit brand replacement bands. This band has pluses and minuses. It looks great and it’s very inexpensive; however, it’s pretty stiff when you first start wearing it. I have this one in addition to the DEKER I discussed above, and I have to say that I really love the look of the gray. The stiffness is annoying at first, but I wrapped it around itself and rubber-banded it for a few days and it lay flatter after that. It’s also loosened up since, though I don’t wear it every day. The Yayuu band is available in four stylish colors.


FintieNylon Band

FintieNylon Band for Fitbit Charge 3

Add a simple, sporty nylon band for a low-key look and easy on-and-off design. The Fintie band for the Charge 3 doesn’t have any customer reviews just yet, but the identical band for the Charge 2 has solid reviews from a number of customers. This is a good woven band option because it’s not too flashy and it is easy to get on and off.




AreshMetal Band

Aresh Metal Band for Fitbit Charge 3

A stainless replacement band elevates your Charge 3 to new levels of class. If it’s a stainless steel band you’re after, this one from Aresh comes in rose gold, silver, and black, so you can find just the right color to match your tracker. It also includes a link removal tool so you’ll be able to get the perfect fit on your wrist.


CAVNMetal Band

CAVN Metal Band for Fitbit Charge 3

This Milanese loop style metal band has a strong magnet… and great style. Available in 12 metallic colors, CAVN’s band wins in both the looks and usability departments. The Milanese style offers easy adjusting, and the magnetic connectors are strong enough to handle whatever your day brings. It’s also very breathable, so it’s absolutely a wear-everywhere style.


MaledanLeather Band

Maledan leather band for fitbit charge 3

With a slim design and unique colors and designs, this is a great everyday band. The Maledan leather band features a daintier, more feminine design, and comes in different leather colors and floral prints. Adding one of these (especially at just $10!) is an easy way to adjust the look of your Charge 3 and make it look less fitness tracker-esque.


SWEESLeather Band

SWEES leather band for fitbit charge 3

Whether you want classic leather or glittery, this band offers great options. The SWEES leather band has a unique design that makes it great for practically any wrist. With a classic buckle design, the band creates an entirely new, more watch-like look. Plus, it’s available in a staggering 17 different colors ranging from brown to glittery gold.


Bayite Leather Band

Bayite Leather Band for Fitbit Charge 3

For a more standard leather watch appearance, this band only looks expensive. Bayite is a third-party brand we see a lot of when it comes to fitness tracker and smartwatch bands, and they are typically well reviewed. The leather bands for the Charge 3 look amazing and the color options are smart. For instance, if you want a black band, you can choose from a black or silver connecter for a custom appearance on your wrist.


Screen Protectors


Ace Armorshield

Ace Armorshield for Fitbit Charge 3

The consistently most-trusted brand for screen protection has the best option for Charge 3.

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