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Best Carb Sources For Long-Lasting Energy

If you have a busy day ahead or you’re simply planning an extended workout session that will last for a number of hours, one thing that you’ll be wanting to think about is the carbohydrate sources you’re eating.

Eat the wrong carbs and you might get a good burst of energy, only to soon see it fizzle. When this happens, you’ll be left feeling weak, tired, and likely frustrated.

Knowing what the most optimal sources of carbohydrates you can turn to can help you avoid this very issue.

Let’s look at the best carbohydrate sources to consider for long-lasting energy levels.


Beans are an often overlooked carbohydrate source, but one that should be making an appearance in your diet plan. They’re very high in fiber, meaning that alone will help slow the digestion process, and to add to this, they also contain a very good dose of both protein and complex carbohydrates.

This is the perfect pre-workout food, provided you eat it at least 30-60 minutes prior to exercise to allow for digestion.

Beans are also loaded with important B vitamins that will also help keep your energy on high all day long.


The next great carbohydrate source to consider is barley. Barley is great because not only is it very low in sugar content, but it’s also very rich in fiber as well.

The more fiber a food has, the less of an impact it’s going to have on your blood sugar levels, meaning your energy stays on an even keel at all times.

Barley works well in any dish that would normally call for rice, so you can easily incorporate this into your meal plan without a problem as well.


Moving along, quinoa is the next great food to have on your diet plan. It’s also going to contain some dietary fiber but more importantly, it’s also a great source of complete protein.

This makes it ideal if you aren’t eating as much meat in your diet plan (or are a vegetarian). Likewise, it’s also a great grain for eating prior to a workout session as you’ll need more protein in your plan at this point.

It can also be used in almost all the same ways that you can utilize brown rice, so again, a highly versatile grain.


Finally, the last great carbohydrate source to add into your diet plan for lasting energy is lentils.

Lentils, just like beans, are very rich in dietary fiber and will help really bring down your overall cholesterol level. In addition to that, they’re also high in folate, phosphorus, iron, as well as B vitamins and zinc, all nutrients that are needed by the body for optimal energy.

Lentils will contain just over 200 calories per cup, so are a high energy density food that will help you meet your energy needs in a hurry.

You can even serve these with brown rice if you like for an even greater carbohydrate boost. As lentils do contain a little more protein than the rice does, it can help make for a more balanced pre-workout meal or snack throughout the day.

So there you have some of the best energy providing carbohydrates that you’ll want to consider in your diet plan. Get these in and you can rest assured you’ll be feeling great as the day gets underway.

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