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Best Ab Roller A-Z Buying Guide: Get That 6-Pack You Always Dreamed Of

If you’ve dreaming about 6-pack abs, or dream of the day when you can do abdominal exercises without strain or pain, get ready to smile because that day is here.

Turns out there is a simple way to effectively work your abs, minimizing stress and getting you the results you want: an ab roller. These machines are a must if you want to work all your core muscles and get the skin around your stomach taut and tight, as they make you work harder than traditional crunches.

They also make abdominal exercises easier on your neck and back, as you can do them in a kneeling, forward-facing position. Plus, they provide additional toning for your chest, arms and back, giving you a complete upper body work out.

My A-Z Ab Roller Buyers Guide will give you an in-depth look at these devices, explain how and why they work, outline key exercises, and give you a look at some great models to choose from. So put down that remote and read on to learn how an ab roller can change your life.

What an Ab Roller Is and How it Works

An ab roller/wheel is a small, around machine with a handle on each side to assist you in performing abdominal exercises. The center wheel has a spring or mechanism, to allow you to effortlessly roll forward, back or sideways, while applying tension, so you can exercise all your abdominal areas while in a crouched position.

The reason why an ab roller is such a good buy is that it makes it easy to work out, while increasing difficulty. The tension and resistance, combined with the use of your own body weight, tones the most stubborn areas, like your obliques.

It also alleviates stress and pressure on your back, neck and shoulders. This means almost anyone can use it and safely exercise their middles to lose weight and tone up.

Ab Roller Basics: How To Use One & How Often



Using an ab roller may seem straight-forward, but there are a couple of things to consider when starting out. Here is the best way to use an ab roller and how often you should do it:

  • Speak with your doctor: Before starting an exercise routine you should always consult your doctor to make sure it is safe for you. While an ab roller is generally safe, everyone has different medical conditions, so double check.
  • Warm-up: Using an ab roller is intense, as you are using several parts of your body simultaneously. Therefore, you should warm up before starting to reduce the risk of injury or pulling a muscle.
  • Increase Gradually: Start with a couple of reps a day and increase gradually, that way there is no soreness and you don’t hurt yourself. Your fitness level will determine how long and often you use it: beginners should do it once or twice a week until they build up a good rhythm.

    As you become experienced, or if you already are, you can do it 4-5 times a week.

Best Ab Roller Comparison: The Top Models

For those interested in buying one, here is a look at the top models and what they have to offer. We have included models in different price ranges to give everyone an option.

BIO Core Ab Roller – Fitness Wheel & Abdominal Carver


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Affordable, well designed and one-of-a-kind, is a good fit for both beginners and advanced users. Priced around $30 only, this wheel is the only roller that uses rubber wheels, for maximum stability on any surface.

The 2-wheel, hard rubber design allows you to use it on rugs, tiles and more without interrupted or staggered movements. The double wheel design also gives it a wider base, distributing weight more evenly and giving an added layer of structure.

In addition, there are ergonomic grips made with memory foam, which helps you to firmly but gently hold the wheel and maintain your balance. This means you can concentrate on performing your moves, not staying upright. Plus, it comes with a padded exercise mat, so you can move in comfort wherever you are.

The exercise pad could be a bit thicker, but otherwise, this is a smooth system.

Lifeline Power Wheel

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Those who are familiar with an ab roller will appreciate this model from Lifeline, as it can be used in a more versatile way than traditional rollers.

This unit, priced at just $40, has hand grips, as well as foot pedals, increasing the types and variety of exercises you do. Use the ergonomic grips for traditional crunches, then strap your feet in the foot pedals, lie on your back and do intense lower abdominal crunches and glute work.

This means you can challenge yourself more and target more key areas, for faster metabolism and results. The grips are contoured to fit snugly in your hand and the pedals keep your foot in place, no slipping, so you can safely use it either way. Plus, the wheel has tire treads for better movement and the ability to work on multiple surfaces.

Not ideal for beginners, but a great option for seasoned users.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

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The most affordable option here, this is good for those just starting out or anyone looking for a no-nonsense model.

The wheel is ultra-wide and has a “kinetic engine” featuring a carbon steel spring, to give you the perfect balance of resistance and smoothness when rolling. The spring challenges you as you roll out and glides with you when you roll back.

There are ergonomic hand grips, to help you balance and stabilize, and combined with the wide wheel, it concentrates your energy on crunches. There are also knee ads so you can exercise in comfort.

It lacks cushioning on the grips, but it is still a solid choice for beginners and will get them used to using a roller.

Benefits of An Ab Roller

An ab roller or wheel can do a lot to tighten up your mid-section, so you not only look better, but feel better too. Here are the main benefits of using an ab roller:

  • Makes Ab Exercises Easier: When you use a roller or wheel, you spend less time figuring out the right way to perform a crunch or sit-up and more time doing them. The wheel ensures you are in the right position and gives you a smooth and seamless way to execute your moves.
  • Increases Difficulty, For Better Results: When you use a roller, it feels like you’re working harder because you are. The wheel engages more muscles in your core simultaneously as opposed to traditional crunches, for more effective and concentrated movements, yielding greater results.

    Belly fat is the most difficult to get rid of, so having equipment like a roller can make all the difference.

  • Eliminates Back Pain: Those with lower back pain will feel intense relief when using an ab roller. In addition to eliminating pain associated with doing traditional crunches, the roller alleviates back pain by building up your core muscles and improving posture.
  • Works Several Areas at Once: When you use a roller, you engage your abs, chest, upper back and arms, giving you definition in all these areas. Continual use helps build muscle, burning fat in several of these areas for overall weight loss and increased metabolism.
  • Improved Overall Health: Using an ab roller can help improve overall health as well. When you use it on a regular basis you increase balance, stamina and core power. This gives you more energy and the confidence to perform daily tasks and other activities.

Ab Roller Buying Considerations

There are several factors to consider before purchasing an ab roller. Do not be fooled by how similar they all look: every brand is different and therefore will have different results for you. Here are some key buying considerations:

  • Stability: You want to look for a wheel that is stable and doesn’t wobble or shake when you roll. A wider wheel may be ideal, as is a wheel with a contoured surface, so it can be used on multiple types of floors.
    If you have tile or hardwoods you may want a wheel with a rubber strip down the middle, for added traction and stability.
  • Ergonomic/Soft Grips: Ideally, the wheel you choose should have padded or cushioned, grips, so you can easily move the wheel without straining or irritating your hands. Most of your weight is on your hands when using a roller, so an ergonomic grip is essential.
    Every wheel has a different grip, so consider your size and use when buying.
  • Extras: A wheel that comes with knee pads is another thing to look for. Being on your hands and knees can cause discomfort after a while. Look for knee pads for additional comfort.

Ab rollers are a smart way to lose weight and tone your mid-section and upper body. It provides a powerful workout that can effectively work your abdominals without causing harm or injury. Losing weight and toning your body is hard, but a god ab roller can make the job a lot easier- making you more likely to stick with your program and get real results.

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