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The Ultimate Ab Workout Routine for Women – Have Six-Pack this Summer

Now that we’ve all blown our New Years resolutions to lose 40 pounds by the summer, it’s time to get down to business.  Losing weight doesn’t necessarily need to be the goal, but rather working towards feeling healthier and generally in better shape.  That said, who doesn’t love the idea of building a set of rock-hard abs? With that in mind, we have some Ab Workout exercises here that will help you get started on the path to fitness and good health.

The Best Ab Workout Routine for Women

Remember, being physically fit and healthy is a comprehensive package.  You need to exercise regularly—and “exercise” doesn’t mean running a 5K right out of the gates (especially if you’re just starting out)—but rather doing something that gets you moving a little more than you did yesterday.  You should also be eating right, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep each night in order to help your body restore itself and face the demands of each day.

Here are some exercises that you can do at home.  This simple ab workout routine for women will get you moving, and help to strengthen your abs without requiring an expensive gym membership and or workout clothes.

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These are 10 mins Set to go working out your Abs.

Flutter Kicks

The first exercise in this routine is a flutter kick.  To begin, lie down on your mat with your arms loosely at your sides, and your legs stretched out comfortably.  Bring both legs up until they are at a 90 degree angle with your body, then lower your left leg almost to the ground.

Using a scissor motion, alternate legs for 45 seconds, keeping your abdominal muscles tucked in tight.  Make sure you keep your legs as straight as possible, and don’t allow your heels to touch the ground.

Reaching oblique crunch

Remain on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.  Start with your elbows bent and your hands behind your head.

Starting with your right arm, reach across your body to the opposite knee.  Rotate your torso smoothly, alternating arms and reaching as far as possible.

Your abdominal muscles should be tight and you should be using an easy, rocking motion, keeping your head lifted slightly off the floor.  Keep your hips flat on the ground and make sure you reach as far as possible to the outside of the opposite thigh.  Do as many repetitions as possible in a 45-second period of time.

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Pilates Side Hip Raise

Roll onto your left side and position yourself so that your knees are bent behind you, and you are resting on your left elbow and hip.  Your body should be at a roughly 45* angle.  Put your right hand on your hip, and raise your hip until your body is parallel with the ground, then lower.

Remember to keep your elbow and arm on the ground and your knees close together.  This is a rocking movement, raising and lowering in an easy, steady rhythm.  Keep your abdominal muscles taught, squeezing your obliques and pushing your left shoulder down toward your hip with each repetition.

Do 45 seconds of repetitions on your left side, then switch and do another 45 on your right.

Russian Twist

For this exercise, sit on your mat resting on your tailbone, with your knees slightly bent and your feet flat on the floor.  Lean back, with your elbows bent and forearms slightly raised, and make a loose fist with each arm, holding them at chest level.

Begin rotating your body right to left and back, in an easy rocking motion.  This exercise is not about speed, but rather range of motion.  Do not twist so far that it hurts, but try to increase your reach each time you do the exercise.  If you would like to make this exercise a bit more challenging, lean back and raise your feet slightly off the ground.

This forces your core muscles to work harder to maintain your balance, burning more calories and making the motion more difficult.

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Toe Touch Crunch.

Begin by lying flat on your back, with your legs straight up at a 90* angle to your body and your toes pointed toward the ceiling.  Keep your hips flat on the floor, and stretch both arms up toward your toes.  Remember to keep your legs from dropping over your abs, as they need to be straight in order to properly work the muscles.

This exercise is similar to a regular crunch, but involves a straight up motion rather than a curling or crunching motion.  The higher you stretch toward your toes, the more your ab muscles have to work.  When you first begin, aim to reach just above your knee, increasing your range of motion as you progress with your fitness goals.

Do not release your abdominal muscles when you lean back, but keep your head slightly elevated as you do each repetition.

Pilates Leg Pulls (Facing Down)

Begin on your mat, facing down and resting on your knees and hands.  Raise your body into a push-up position, extending your legs into a straight line.  Alternating legs, lift each one slightly higher than your hips.

If you need to relieve the tension on your wrists, you can use dumbbells to rest your hands on.

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Pilates Leg Pulls (Facing up)

This exercise is exactly the same as the previous one, except you are now facing up.  You are resting on your arms, keeping your body in a straight position and now allowing your backside to touch the floor.

Alternate lifting your legs, keeping them straight and pointing your toes outward rather than upward.

Spiderman Planks

Only have 5 mins to cruch? Try these steps.

Remaining in the same position as before, begin by bringing your left knee out and to your elbow, then straightening your leg and repeating on the other side.

Keep your backside level with the rest of your body, and your ab muscles tight.  Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders.

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Hip Thrust

Lying flat on your back with your legs extended and about six inches off the ground.  Draw your knees in and thrust your hips upward, using a small rocking motion, then extend your legs back out.  This exercise works your core ab muscles.

Keep your arms flat on the floor, and remember to use your hips to lift your legs.  Try to avoid using a “bouncing” motion as this will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise and could potentially injure your back.

Pilates Toe Taps

This is a good exercise to end your workout routine.  Lie on your back with your knees bent at a 90* angle.  Alternating legs, touch your toe to the ground then return.  Make sure that your knees are not coming back over your abs, but remain at a 90* angle with your hips, in a “tabletop” position.

Each of these exercises should be done for between 45 and 60 seconds.  This allows you to get a good 10 minute workout routine, and the best part is that it can be done almost anywhere, any time.  Remember to drink plenty of water both before and after your workout, and for maximum benefit try to do your ab workout routine for women at least four times a week.

Best of luck as you begin your journey toward a newer, fitter you in 2016!

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