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A Personal Trainer’s Guide To Shedding Pounds On Cardio Machines

As a personal trainer, there’s no question that one of the most common requests you’ll get from clients who are starting a new workout program with you is how to melt fat and firm up their body. We live in a world where excess body fat is commonplace, so when most people make the decision to get ‘fit’, this essentially means losing that ‘spare tire’ or so it’s called from their frame.

With this being such a common request, it’s vital that you understand how you can help them meet it head-on. Fortunately, with so many different pieces of fitness equipment now available, you have plenty of options.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common cardio machines and how you can get help your clients burn fat on each.

The Treadmill

The treadmill is a long-time resource of fat loss and fitness improvements. The great thing about the treadmill is that it really doesn’t require that much skill at all to perform it, therefore it’s not something that anyone really has to learn to do. For a beginner who is already nervous about starting their first time in the gym, this can give them some added comfort and piece of mind.

The treadmill can be used for walking or for those who are already more fit inclined, running or jogging.

The treadmill is a higher impact form of cardio, so that’s just one thing to know and keep in mind. If you are working with anyone who is experiencing joint pain, you’ll want to tread carefully here. Put them on the treadmill and that joint pain may just get a whole lot worse.

On the flip side, the treadmill also offers the ability to incline (in most cases), so uphill walking can be a great lower impact way to get their heart rate up and body burning fat.

Or, for the very fitness advanced, uphill running sprints are a can’t-lose way to get them pushing their body to the limit.

The Bike

Moving along, the bike is the next type of cardio that you’ll want to be considering as you go about training with your clients. Here again, the bike is relatively easy to use as most people have been biking since a young age. While there will be some getting used to stationary biking from a normal outdoor bike, it’s quickly learned and gives that same comfort feel that most clients are going to really enjoy.

The bike is great for building up lower body strength as you can easily perform it while working against considerable resistance, so for those who aren’t doing intense strength training, this can be a great option for that reason as well. While strength training will always be superior for building lower body muscular strength in your clients compared to cardio training, since some people do have an aversion to strength training or simply can’t due to injury reasons, this can help provide some benefits at the very least.

You’ll also have the choice of having your clients work on a recumbent bike, which has them pedaling in the horizontal position or the upright bike, which is more like a standard bike. Having these options can help make the client more comfortable as well, while also helping them train their muscles from various angles. Keep in mind it’s important to switch up the workout routine of your clients on a regular basis as much as you can.

The Elliptical

Moving on, now we come to the elliptical trainer. This trainer is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an impact free way to workout. As your feet will not be touching the floor at any point as you are using this machine, that makes it ideal for any client who may suffer from knee, hip, or back pain.

The elliptical is also a great choice for clients who have considerable weight to lose, not just due to it’s no-impact nature, but also because it provides both an upper and lower body workout in one, stimulating more muscle fibers for an overall greater calorie burn.

The elliptical trainer can be used on a manual or interval session, as most cardio machines can be, giving the client multiple ways to train to improve their fitness level.

You can also have the client work on the elliptical pushing the pedals forward or backward, which will nicely adjust the manner in which the machine is working their muscles. A front pedaling motion will hit the quads to a larger degree while a back pedaling motion would work the hamstrings to a larger extent.

The elliptical trainer is a great option for anyone who is looking for an alternative to cycling or running and is serious about seeing excellent fat burning results.

The MaxTrainer

Now we come to the max trainer. The max trainer is a relatively new type of cardio machine and is a great option for those who are looking for a change of pace from their current workout routine. Moving your clients to this equipment will give them more excitement in their training while working their muscles from a whole new angle.

The max trainer is an excellent piece of equipment for those who want to hit their glutes, hamstrings, and quads as it’s a combination between a stepper along with an elliptical trainer. Steppers are well known to be one of the best fat burning pieces of equipment that one can use, however what they lack is the upper body activation that the elliptical brings.

The MaxTrainer however will bring that upper body activation into play using two arm handles while giving you the best possible workout overall. Max trainers rank just as high as treadmills as far as their calorie burn goes and will considerably increase fitness levels when used properly as well.

The TreadClimber

For those who have a strong preference for a treadmill and love their walking or running workouts but just can’t have the impact that comes with these machines, the treadclimber can be the perfect alternative solution. The treadclimber is an hybrid machine that’s a combination between a treadmill and an elliptical trainer all in one.

You’ll be able to walk or run just as you would on the treadmill but you’ll have two individually placed belts, one for each foot, that will lower as your weight comes down with each step you take. This can significantly help lower your overall risk for back or knee pain while allowing you to get that workout in that you want.

The treadclimber is a perfect way to burn fat, boost cardiovascular shape, and help give plenty of different workout programming options. Whether your client is just starting out on their fitness journey or a more advanced individual, they can certainly make use of what this piece of equipment has to offer.

So there you have a closer look into the different types of cardio machines that can be used as a personal trainer as you go about working with your clients. Using these machines on a regular basis – and changing between machines as you carry out their sessions will give your clients great variety as they get in their workout sessions.

Regardless of what your clients needs or preferences are, there is definitely a machine that will help them get the job done.

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