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7- Year Old Girl Bikes 610 Miles for a Good Cause

Need a little extra motivation this morning?

How about 600 reasons why you should exercise not only because it beneficial to your own well being but also because it can benefit others. Take Skye Leech for example. The little girl recently completed on bike (she’s seven, by the way) 600+ miles of riding all in an effort to raise money for charity!

Skye, though a native of Great Britain, completed the travel distance in the United States where she and her family biked from Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh and back again.

“We were looking for a fun family holiday that would allow us all to spend time together,” Skye’s dad, Ben Parnell stated.

Traveling an average of 25 miles a day with her mother and father, Skye rode a total of 610 miles over the course of three weeks. “I wanted to do this because it was a real adventure, and I hadn’t done anything like it before,” she added.

The family pulled all of their own gear with individual trailers and camped out each night during their journey. “Trips like this allow you to really get to know each other,” Ben remarked. “We got to find out how we can work together as a team.”

In addition to the “vacation” overseas, Skye raised more than $750 for the Ellen MacArthur Trust. The organization utilizes the sport of sailing to inspire children recovering from cancer, leukemia or other serious illnesses.

“Not everyone is as lucky as we are in terms of their health, so it’s important to help where you can,” father Ben concluded. “Ellen MacArthur is an absolute legend, so we knew we wanted to support her charity.”

Have you ever wanted to get involved with a charity? Do you have any great ideas for incorporating fitness and exercise into ways that will also benefit the community? Let us know.

Donate to Skye’s fund-raising efforts.

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