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4 Things No One Tells You About Fat Loss

Gearing up for your weight loss plan? If so, it’s important that you come to know all there is to know about the process of fat loss so that you can fully prepare yourself.  Sadly, many people go into this process not nearly as prepared as they should be, and at times, this can be what holds them back from seeing success.

Let’s go over four important things that no one tells you about fat loss, but that you should consider.

Fat Loss Is Never Linear

The first and possibly most important thing to remember is that fat loss is never linear. Meaning, you won’t necessarily always lose a certain number of pounds each and every week.

Expect it to be much quicker in the beginning than it is as time progresses on.  Eventually, your rate may slow down and feel nearly non-existent. As long as it is still moving however, don’t be alarmed.  You’ll have some weeks that are better than others and this is all part of the process.

You May Gain Weight

Next, also know that you might actually just gain weight. Yeah, that’s right – gain. Not what you wanted to hear.

This can be due to one of two things.

First, you could have gained lean muscle mass. Don’t be alarmed, this is a very good thing.  It is actually very possible to get smaller (by losing fat), while gaining weight on the scale due to increased lean muscle mass.  You will look overall smaller, so this shouldn’t impact how you feel about your progress.

Second, it may also be due to a temporary water weight gain.  You could be retaining additional water due to hormones (menstrual cycle), a salty meal, lack of sleep, or even stress.

All of these can lead to increased scale weights.  Don’t be alarmed with these either as they are all temporary and you will see your weight go down shortly.

You’ll Notice Changes In Your Mood

Don’t be surprised if you also notice some changes in your mood as well. This will especially be the case if you are utilizing a lower carb diet, which will influence how much serotonin your body is manufacturing each day.

Carbohydrates have a direct influence over this neurotransmitter and it since it exerts ‘feel good’ effects, when not enough of it is being made, you will notice the difference.

You may feel more depressed, irritable, anxious, or just all around not quite like your usual happy self. Being aware of this can help you to not let it impact you quite as much, taking out your feelings towards others.

You’ll Need More Sleep Than You Did Before

Finally, the last thing to know and remember about the process of fat loss is that you will need more sleep than before.  Your body will require more down time in order to recover from the daily stressful events taking place, including your workout sessions.

Aim for at least 8 hours while dieting, if not 9 or 10.  This will also help to ensure that all the fat burning hormones in your body are optimized and it’s easier to follow the diet plan you’re using.  Lack of enough sleep can really prime your body to gain excess body fat, so be very careful about how much nightly rest you are getting.

As you go about your diet plan, keep these points in mind.  Understanding what to expect as you move through the stages of weight loss can help you stay mentally sane and more likely to stick with the plan altogether.


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