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4 Push-Up Variations That’ll Firm Your Arms In A Hurry

Want to tone up your arms while adding great muscle definition? If so, you need to know about a few key push-up variations that will get the job done in a hurry.

The push-up exercise is far too often overlooked for weight based moves, which is a shame because it has many benefits to offer.

Push-ups are great because not only will they target your chest, but they’ll also hit the biceps and triceps as well, while also calling the core muscles into play.

Let’s go over four push-up variations that you’ll definitely want to try out if you hope to see maximum arm shaping results.

Crossed Over Push-Up

The first push-up variation is the crossed over push-up. For this one, you’ll simply position the body as you normally would only this time, you’ll want to cross your hands over each other.

As you do this exercise, you’ll feel it working right in the back of the arm as well as along the front of the shoulders.

Slowly lower yourself down and then push straight back up again. Keep the abs tight the entire time.


One-Arm Box Push-Up

Next you have the one-arm box push-up. While you may have done incline or decline push-ups before, this one adjusts it slightly so that only one arm is raised up.

Place a box or step beside where you plan to do your push-up and then position one hand on top of the box while the other hand is resting flat on the floor. Keeping the abs tight, slowly lower down into the push-up position.

You’ll feel the hand not on the box working a little harder than the other as it endures more total stress from your body weight.

Perform 10-15 reps like this and then switch sides and place the other hand up on the box for the next set.

Continue alternating until all sets are complete.

Spider Man Push-Up

The next push-up variety is one that will work both your upper body as well as your core region as well.

To do this, you’ll want to get into a standard push-up position only now while lowering yourself down, you’ll want to bend one knee and drive it up towards the shoulders, bringing it as high up as possible.

Contract your core as you do this and then once you are in the lowered position of the push-up, press up and bring the leg back down to the standard position.

On the next rep, switch sides and bring the other leg up to the shoulder this time. Continue alternating until all reps are completed.

Traveling Push-Up

Finally, the last push-up variation you’ll want to try including in your workout program is the traveling push-up. This is another good one for working the upper body as well as the core muscles, so think of it as a very complete upper body exercise.

To do this, you’ll want to get into normal push-up position, move down into the push-up and back up again and then walk your arms and legs over step. From there, push-up again and then repeat the process as you travel across the floor.

Once you’ve done five or so steps, reverse directions and come back again.

So there you have four great push-up variations that you’ll want to try in your next workout routine. With so many different ways to perform the push-up, there’s no reason you should ever find yourself getting bored.


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