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3 Protein Match-Ups: Which Is The Superior Source?

If you’re working hard in the gym, it’s time to start looking at the foods you’re eating on a regular basis. What you put into your body each and every day will have a dramatic influence on the results you see, so it’s vital that things stack up properly.

Protein is the most important nutrient you must be consuming for results, so it’s a great place to start.  This said, not all protein sources are created equally. Let’s walk you through three protein match-ups and go over which is going to be the superior source for you.

Chicken Versus Steak

The first match is between chicken and steak.  Most people will already know here this one is going – chicken is the leaner option than steak, so should be selected the majority of the time.

But, don’t jump to that conclusion so quickly.  Fact is, steak is also an excellent source of iron, which is important for keeping your energy level high.  If you aren’t eating any red meat in your diet, you could be running very low in this micronutrient.

Additionally, if you choose grass fed steak as opposed to grain fed, you’ll also take in some healthy CLA fats, that will do your body good.

Salmon Versus Tilapia

Moving along, the next match-up to consider is salmon versus tilapia.  With this one, it really will come down to your goals. Tilapia is a very low calorie fish, so ideal for those who are looking to get very lean in a hurry.

However, salmon is filled with omega fats and high quality protein, therefore making it the superior choice the rest of the time.  If you can afford the extra calories because you aren’t in fat burning mode, opt for salmon.  It’s all around a healthier and more beneficial fish variety.

Cottage Cheese Versus Whey

Finally, you may also wonder about the difference between cottage cheese and whey protein.  You’ve heard that cottage cheese is an excellent pre-bed snack, but yet you also see people drinking whey protein shakes all the time as well.

Both of these are excellent sources of protein and are quite low fat.  The key deciding factor with this one is when you are eating/drinking it.

If it’s before bed, opt for the cottage cheese. It contains a casein protein variety, which is very slow to digest and will deliver a stream of amino acids into the overnight period helping to promote greater muscular repair and recovery.

If it’s immediately after the workout, whey is the better choice as it’ll digest faster, getting into those muscle tissues where it’s needed most.

If you simply cannot tolerate cottage cheese, as some people can’t as it does have quite a specific consistency, then a better bed would be casein protein – if you can tolerate that – or else then you can opt for your whey if you must.

Whey protein is faster to digest, but will still provide your body with the amino acids you’re looking for at this time.

So keep these match-ups in mind. If you are serious about getting results with your workout program, you must be serious about your diet as well.  Remember that not all foods are a black and white picture, but rather, you must consider them in the context of everything else.

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