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Max Trainer Coupons

Save money (and your knees!) with a Bowflex Max Trainer coupon. We update this popular FitRated page to share exclusive Max Trainer M3 and M5 coupon links and current info about Max Trainer sale prices. Get a discount on “The Ultimate Full Body Trainer” and look forward to training with virtually zero impact on your joints!

If you’re still deciding which Bowflex Max Trainer is best for you, read on for reviews of the two Max Trainers, a comparison between the M5 and M3, and more… And when you’re ready to buy, remember for help finding a discount on your cardio trainer.

Bowflex Max Trainers Best Prices

Know the deal! Bowflex Max Trainer discounts are common, so with a bit of patience (or if today’s your lucky day!) there’s no need to pay full price.

Here we list the full prices and common online sale prices for the Max Trainer M5 and M3. We also share links to exclusive Max Trainer discount pages and share coupon codes when available.

BowFlex M5: The Highest Rated Max Trainer

Save $150 on the top Bowflex Max Trainer! This link automatically applies a free shipping coupon code for the Max Trainer M5 (limited time only): M5 Coupon for Free Shipping + Free Mat

Note: If you follow our Max Trainer coupon link, you’ll land on a sale page that reflects our readers’ discount. (You won’t need to enter a coupon code to get the savings.)

1) Highest Rated: Bowflex M5

Bowflex M5Rating:  (95.4%)

List Price: $1,799
Best Price: $1,750 Only $1,599 with coupon link below

M5 Coupon: Get Free Shipping + Free Mat – $250 Value (Coupon expires soon) by entering the coupon code found at the top of the exclusive M5 discount page.

BowFlex M3: The Most Affordable Max Trainer

It’s already the most affordable Bowflex Max Trainer, plus you can expect an online deal.  The Max Trainer M3’s regular price is $1,199 — a great price for a hybrid fitness machine — and often this fitness machine is priced just $1,099 on the manufacturer’s website.

2) Most Affordable: Bowflex M3

Bowflex M3Rating:  (82.2%)

List Price: $1,199
Best Price: $1,099

M3 Coupon: $50 Shipping ($100 Off)

Why Choose a Bowflex Max Trainer?

What is a Bowflex Max Trainer? Is a Max Trainer right for you?

Max Trainers look something like elliptical trainers with pedals and moving handles. They stand out as excellent alternatives to ellipticals and treadmills partly because of their “zero impact” design, which lets you train vigorously yet without stressing your joints. The virtual elimination of impact also helps Max Trainers stand out as some of the world’s most efficient fitness machines: With regular sessions of just 14 minutes each, you can see impressive results very quickly.

Both Max Trainers (the M3 and M5) are recommended as efficient treadmill alternatives for runners. If you’d prefer a Bowflex for super-efficient walking, then a TreadClimber is for you.

Comparing Bowflex Max Trainers

Trying to figure out which Bowflex Max Trainer is right for you? See the Bowflex M3 and M5 side-by-side on our comparison chart. The comparison chart page also links to any exclusive Max Trainer coupons and other discounts.