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Total Gym XLS Review

Quick Summary

The Total Gym XLS home gym gets you in shape, helps you to stay fit and tones your whole body in the process.

As a result, the complete gym system sets the standard for all other home gyms because of its award-winning features.

Users up to 400 pounds discover a comfortable, relaxing and challenging workout.

The Total Gym XLS truly is changing everything with 80+ exercises, including plenty of bonus features and expert advice from one of the top trainers in the world. Learn more in our Total Gym XLS review below…


Model Total Gym XLS

Our custom rating considers all of the Home Gym's features, specs, warranties, and 100's of user & expert reviews, to save you time!

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There are a few different types of Home Gyms. There are weight stack, power rod and body weight.

Max. Weight

Home Gym Max Weight is the maximum amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that can be lifted on the machine.

6-54% of weight

Home Gym exercises is the number of exercises you can do on the machine.


The seat on a Home Gym can be adjustable, padded, or detached.

User Weight

Home Gym User Weight is the amount of weight, in pounds (lbs), that it can safely support, which can represent durability.

400 lbs
Height Limit: 6' 2"

Dimensions are included to help you figure out if this Home Gym will fit properly (Length x Width x Height and Height x Depth).

Length: 90"
Width: 19"
Height: 43"
Workout Area

Home Gym Workout Area is the amount of space needed to use the Home Gym (Length x Width)

90" x 20"' (L x W)

This field lets you know if this Home Gym has the option to do leg workouts or not.


This field lets you know if this Home Gym has abdominal workouts or not.


This field lets you know if this Home Gym has the option to do arm curls or not.


This field lets you know if this Home Gym has the option to do pulldown workouts or not.


This field lets you know if this Home Gym has the option to do rows or not.


Many Home Gyms have optional accessories you can purchase separately.

- Total Gym DVD
- Pilates DVD

The warranty is a very important part of your investment. The longer the warranty, the longer you can get free/discounted repairs by the manufacturer.

Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 6 Months

Rating: 86.0%

Our Rating

Rating: 86.0/100. Award winning, industry praised home gym features wide workout selection with several informational resources to help you get started. A number of accessories enable you to add-on until you fully customize the home gym to your liking.


  • Utilize your own bodyweight for a specialized challenge
  • 80+ exercises make the variations nearly endless
  • Enjoy the patented Glideboard seat from Total Gym
  • Supports any body size (400 lbs. max user weight)
  • Several workout aides (including number of DVDs)
  • Features Dan Isaacson’s Nutritional Program and Meal Plan


  • Outside some consumers price range
  • No commercial warranty available
  • Bulky home gym not suitable if you’re tight on space


The Total Gym XLS home gym is the latest and the greatest in the Total Gym family of equipment.

Many features have been upgraded from previous models including the pulley and cable system, squat stand and glide board including head support.

All features result in a smooth gravity resistance workout improving upper and lower body, abdominals, major muscles and cardiovascular system.

Home Gym Workouts

The Total Gym XLS home gym comes equipped with over 80 different workouts and workout tools.

The Start-It-Up kit familiarizes you with all of the features of the Total Gym XLS home gym identifying which piece of equipment works which body part.

If you are always on the run, Total Gym XLS provides 12 different 6-8 minute intense workouts to jump start your morning.

Pilates fans will enjoy the Total Gym Pilates routine that specifically addresses range of motion and balance.

Competitors can train for their next event through the Training Deck workouts. Come up with your own routine by picking out exercises among the 35 featured exercises on the Wall Chart.

Total Gym XLS Features

The Total Gym XLS home gym enhances your workout through several accessories including the wing attachment that works on back and arm muscles as well as the leg pull accessory which tones your quads and hamstrings.

One of the premier features of the Total Gym XLS is Dan Isaacson’s Nutritional Program and Meal Plan that sets you on your way to losing weight teaching you how to eat healthy.

Isaacson has been a leader for over 25 years in the health and fitness field working with some of Hollywood’s top celebrities. Dan is also one of the first developers of the home gym so he knows how to maximize use of the Total Gym XLS to achieve your weight goals.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Total Gym XLS home gym warranty and guarantee includes:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Parts: 6 Months

Try the Total Gym XLS 30 days risk free. No commercial warranty available. For customer service, call 1-800-501-4621.


The Total Gym XLS home gym provides a plethora of tools and exercises to make your daily fitness routine personalized and resourceful. The home gym is so popular that it has been endorsed by a number of celebrities including Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, though it’s the every day folk, people like you and I, that will appreciate the Total Gym XLS most for its versatility and efficiency.

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