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Best Ellipticals with Speakers of 2017

Ellipticals with speakers allow you to free up your hands and ears and listen to music freely on a built-in sound system. Ellipticals with speakers almost always feature an iPod/mp3 dock also allowing you to connect with your favorite tunes. Check out the top rated ellipticals with speakers below...

Top 5 Best Rated Ellipticals with Speakers

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NordicTrack C 9.5

EFX 245


Our custom rating considers all of the elliptical's features, specs, warranties, and 100's of user & expert reviews, to save you time!

Rating: 94.2 %
Rating: 94.1 %
Rating: 93.6 %
Rating: 93.3 %
Rating: 93.2 %

Resistance is what determines calories burned per stride. The more levels, the more precisely you can control the difficulty.

20 levels15 Levels24 Levels24 Levels16 Levels
Stride Length

Stride Length is important for comfort and smooth strides. A stride length of 18-21 inches is ideal for most heights (5'3 - 6'7).

20"18" - 24"0" - 38"18" - 20"n/a

Elliptical Programs allow you to complete a workout with changing speeds and inclines, without changing anything manually.


The flywheel controls the smoothness and resistance of your workout. In general, the higher the better.

27 lbs34 lbs20 lbs.25 lbsUndisclosed

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Ellipticals with Speakers Buying Guide

If you purchase any elliptical with an iPod/mp3 dock chances are you will also inherit a built-in speaker system. Ellipticals with speakers only enhance the iPod compatibility, therefore providing a built-in music system that not only allows you to connect with your personal mp3 player, but also hear the tunes back without the use of headphones/earphones.

While some exercise enthusiasts have become comfortable with earphones either walking/jogging/running outside or at the local gym, most people would probably prefer that they listen to music via speakers instead. Long-term earphone use can:

  • Irritate the ears
  • Cause frustration because they pop out easy
  • Excessive volumes even cause ear damage

Consequently, ellipticals with speakers make an awful lot of sense. The hassle is not there and they are more comfortable. If you agree, then the next step is to pick an elliptical with a good sound system. If you have spent much time shopping for any kind of speaker you know they are not all created equally. Cheap speakers, well, they sound cheap. In order to hear crisp, studio quality sound you’ll need to invest a little. The same is true with ellipticals that feature speakers.

Unfortunately, ellipticals with speakers do not quite provide the same sound as a thousand dollar sound system yet you would be surprised how much punch some of these speaker systems provide. You do get what you pay for and some of the high-end ellipticals feature a much stronger sound system compared to budget-friendly Under $500 ellipticals.

Regardless of the model, however, none of them sound phenomenal at real high volumes so in combination with testing out the speakers (if applicable), it’s also not a bad idea to pay attention to how loud the elliptical operates. Noisy ellipticals will force you to turn up the volume in order to hear the tunes. Prolong high volume use will eventually damage the speakers. The good news is that most reputable ellipticals are very quiet, thus it’s not quite the concern when compared to treadmills with speakers.

Ellipticals with Speakers Future

Incorporating the iPod/mp3 player into fitness equipment is still a fairly new concept. As a result, exercise manufactures are still finding better ways to make your personal music device work ideally with the trainer. We also expect the quality of speakers to improve in the future.

If you really like music, it totally makes sense to invest in an elliptical with speakers. The sound system will allow you to free up your hands and ears and focus on the workout. Some people think they can bypass the iPod dock and built-in speakers, but since they are almost becoming a standard feature on treadmills and ellipticals — Why not buy an elliptical with speakers?

More Ellipticals with Speakers

The following did not make the Top 5 Ellipticals with Speakers, but are still worth a look:


Sole E98

Rating: 93.1%
Price: $3,499 - Best Price: $2,499

The top rated elliptical trainer overall, the Sole E98 is a powerhouse this year. Focused specifically on quality and specs over bells and whistles, the E98 has an excellent warranty and will last a long time. Read Review »


ProForm Pro 12.9

Rating: 93.1%
Price: $1,999 - Best Price: $1,299

The ProForm Pro 12.9 offers 26 digital resistance levels, a 32-pound flywheel and 35 workout apps to help you get the workout you are looking for. Read Review »


Precor EFX 222

Rating: 92.9%
Price: $2,899 - Best Price: $2,599

The Precor EFX 222 elliptical is the most affordable total-body elliptical machine from a top manufacturer. Presenting a long warranty on parts and electronics, the Precor EFX 222 is extremely comfortable and effective workouts for any fitness level. Read Review »


Yowza Islamorada

Rating: 92.9%
Price: $2,999 - Best Price: $2,499

The Yowza Islamorada features SuperCore, an enhanced version of Yowza's previous CardioCore upper body workout motion as well as Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) -- the future of fitness equipment. Read Review »


NordicTrack C 7.5

Rating: 92.8%
Price: $1,299 - Best Price: $799

The NordicTrack C 7.5 is a good entry-level elliptical machine that is quipped with the necessary workout features to give you a good workout. Read Review »


NordicTrack Commercial 14.9

Rating: 92.7%
Price: $2999 - Best Price: $1,499

The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 features a full-color 10" web enabled LCD display with 32 workout apps and all sorts of bells and whistles. Read Review »


ProForm Endurance 920 E

Rating: 92.5%
Price: $1,699 - Best Price: $999

The ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical is a great budget elliptical under $1,000. It has a 7-inch full-color touchscreen and 32 workout apps. Read Review »


Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Elliptical

Rating: 92.4%
Price: $7,999 - Best Price: $7,999

The Platinum Club Series Elliptical is a favorite among luxury shoppers. It features the impressive performance of spa fitness machines, plus it connects with the world to enhance workout options and provide entertainment. Read Review »


NordicTrack FS9i

Rating: 92.1%
Price: $3,999 - Best Price: $2,999

The NordicTrack FS9i is the top of the line Freestride Trainer with all of the extra features and programs. Read Review »


Sole E55

Rating: 92.0%
Price: $2,499 - Best Price: $1,499

The Sole E55 is a premium-grade elliptical slightly smaller than the Sole E95 yet with comparable features. The innovative foot pedal design makes it a favorite among exercise enthusiasts. Read Review »


NordicTrack FS5i

Rating: 91.8%
Price: $1,499 - Best Price: $1,299

The NordicTrack FS5i features an innovative floating suspension design, a 7" backlit display with 32 workout apps and 22 levels of resistance. Read Review »


Matrix A50 Ascent Trainer

Rating: 91.7%
Price: $2,999 - Best Price: $2,999

For dramatic incline and the elliptical industry’s smoothest resistance, experience the A50 Ascent Trainer. This exclusive total-body trainer features induction braking, 30 resistance levels and a choice of consoles. Read Review »


Yowza Captiva

Rating: 91.7%
Price: $2,299 - Best Price: $1,899

The Yowza Captiva is one of the highest rated elliptical trainers on the website. Its balance of high-end luxury features, solid specs, 50% incline and Cardio Core motion technology for toning all the ab muscles makes it a tough elliptical to beat. Read Review »


Matrix E50

Rating: 91.0%
Price: $2,399 - Best Price: $2,399

The compact E50 with induction brake is the most advanced fixed-stride elliptical from Matrix for home use. This compact trainer with custom console has a 20” stride and 30 levels of ultra-precise resistance. Read Review »


Precor EFX 225

Rating: 90.9%
Price: $3,599 - Best Price: $2,999

The Precor EFX 225 is an extremely well built elliptical machine with beautiful biomechanics and hassle-free ownership. It has a great warranty on parts and electronics and is extremely comfortable and effective any fitness level. Read Review »


NordicTrack Elite 12.9

Rating: 90.8%
Price: $1,299 - Best Price: $1,299

The NordicTrack Elite 12.9 is packed with features and functionality that will present a challenge and intense workout to almost any user. Read Review »


NordicTrack A.C.T. Commercial 10

Rating: 90.8%
Price: $2,999 - Best Price: $1,499

The Nordictrack A.C.T. Commercial 10 Elliptical is a space saving elliptical machine that offers a good mix of features and workouts. Read Review »


Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer

Rating: 90.5%
Price: $2,699 - Best Price: $2,699

A star at sculpting muscles and blasting calories, the A30 is a magnetic elliptical with extreme incline and a custom console. Its stride varies from 20 to 24 inches. Read Review »


NordicTrack C 12.9

Rating: 90.4%
Price: $2,299 - Best Price: $1,299

The NordicTrack C 12.9 is full of advanced features to make your workout effective and something you look forward to. Read Review »


Matrix E30

Rating: 90.4%
Price: $2,099 - Best Price: $2,099

The E30 with 20” stride is the most affordable Matrix Fitness elliptical. Built for home use, it’s remarkably compact, works with three consoles, and carries a long residential warranty. Read Review »