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Cyber Monday Fitness Sales

Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is one of the busiest days for fitness sales all year. It has strong competition from Black Friday at local stores, but Cyber Monday fitness shopping has the advantage of being low-stress in comparison. Price-wise it makes sense to buy equipment online directly from manufacturers too: Customers typically get the lowest prices and free delivery when they buy factory-direct. Online shoppers also get better deals because they can more easily make price comparisons. Read on for help finding the best Cyber Monday fitness deals for your needs.

Find the Best Cyber Monday Fitness Deal for Your Budget

If you’ve been shopping the online fitness sales pretty carefully, you’ve probably noticed that the prices fluctuate regularly. Some brands change their prices almost every week! The dramatic price differences can attract casual shoppers, but people who really focus on price trends know when a so-called sale price is just the usual offer.

Keeping an eye on fitness sales and reading fitness equipment reviews can help you understand the quality level that you can afford. You’ll learn to quickly recognize whether a Cyber Monday “deal” is genuine or probably too good to be true.

Choose Your Fitness Brand

With so many cardio trainers and home gyms on sale for Cyber Monday, the selection can be overwhelming if you start without brand information. Fitness brands of course all have different reputations; each is known for a unique combination of components quality, electronic features, customer service, price and warranty.

Brand reviews here at FitRated can help narrow your options to a few brand websites to explore. Our brand reviews also give a clear overview of how different types of fitness machines improve as you move from entry-level to top-of-the-line models.

Know Where to Shop

In most cases we recommend buying home gyms and cardio trainers directly from the manufacturers. The total cost of ownership is usually lowest when you shop factory-direct. That’s accounting for the fitness machines’ sale price, delivery and warranties. Most fitness equipment manufacturers provide free shipping in the continental US.

Make a List of “Must-Haves”

With so many Cyber Monday sale items to choose from, it’s easy to get distracted and forget your priorities. Make a list of essential features to guide your shopping. Maybe include a few “would be nice to have” options too. Our product reviews can help you build a list; these reviews consider the machines part-by-part to help shoppers make informed decisions.

Here is a sample list for a shopper seeking a mid-priced treadmill for running. Of course your own needs and preferences might differ.

  • 3.0 CHP motor or stronger
  • 60″ long track
  • Wireless pulse receiver
  • Pulse-controlled workouts
  • Tablet computer holder

Here is a sample list for a shopper seeking an intermediate-level elliptical machine:

  • 20-pound flywheel or heavier
  • 20″ stride
  • Moving handlebars
  • Power-adjustable incline
  • iFit

And here is a sample list for a stationary bike shopper:

  • Adjustable for tall and short riders
  • Can send workout data to mobile apps
  • Quiet
  • Low maintenance

Remember to Measure

When making a shopping list you should probably include specifics about machine size limits. Fitness machines are built in many sizes and only some are practical for smaller workout areas. For instance, one of the top-rated home gyms on FitRated isn’t exactly ideal for studio apartments; it measures 8′ long and 6.5′ wide.

If space is rather limited, check the Cyber Monday sales for fitness machines and home gyms described as “compact” or “folding.”

Treadmills tend to be about 7′ long and 3′ wide. Ellipticals are also about 3′ wide and come in a wide range of lengths. Exercise bikes need relatively little space unless they are recumbent; most stationary bikes measure about 2′ wide and 3′ long.

Cyber Monday Fitness Deals

Links to this year’s Cyber Monday fitness deals can be found throughout our website. See our reviews and product comparison charts to find the best gym equipment in your price range.