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7 Ways To Get Healthy On A Budget

Looking to lead a healthier lifestyle? If so, you might be tentative to take steps forward thanks to your belief that it’s going to cost a small fortune. Far too many people have come to the belief that eating healthy and exercising needs to break the bank, when this isn’t the case.

Sure, you can hire the priciest personal trainer you come across and eat only organic food from specialty shops if you really want, but if you hope to maintain a strict budget, there’s definitely ways to make this possible.

Let’s look at 7 smart ways to get healthier while on a budget.

Invest In Resistance Bands

First, when it comes to your strength training routine, rather than purchasing an expensive gym membership or buying some pricey free weights for at home, consider buying a few resistance bands.

You can get these in different resistance levels and they’ll easily help challenge your body in much the same way that a set of dumbbells would have.

They’re also incredibly easy to store, so are perfect for those with small spaces.

Shop The Bulk Bins

To help reduce food costs, check out the bulk bins. For certain food items such as rice, nuts, oatmeal, and seasonings, these can be the best route to go. You’ll pay just a fraction of the cost compared to the packaged food items, so this will add up over time.

Watch For Coupons

It’s also important that you watch for coupons in local weekly newspapers. While coupon clipping does take some time, it can help you find some excellent deal. And when you do, if the item in question is a non perishable one or something that can be frozen (such as protein), consider stocking up. Buy enough to last you at least a few weeks, if not longer and you can save costs down the road.

It’s also helpful to know your grocery stores as well. Some stores have discount days on every first Tuesday/Wednesday, etc. of the month, so shopping on these days when you have to do a larger trip can also save you a good amount of money.

Join A Group Fitness Class

Another way to cut fitness costs is to consider joining a group fitness class. Because you are sharing the class with a number of other people, you’ll pay less per class than you would with one-on-one personal training.

Plus, with all the different varieties of group fitness classes now available, you’ll be bound to find something that you enjoy.

This will help keep your workout program more interesting and ensure that you keep responding and seeing progress as well.

Cook In Bulk

It’s also a wise idea to cook in bulk whenever you can as well. This will accomplish two things. First, it’ll help provide you with some leftovers for the week ahead, reducing the total time that you have to be in the kitchen while sticking to your diet.

And second, it reduces the chances of food waste. If you cook in bulk, you’ll avoid letting vegetables go rotten in the fridge for instance because you didn’t cook them in time and likewise, you’ll be making leftovers on purpose.

If you aren’t planning on packaging some up and make just a little more than what’s needed, you’ll be likely to toss that extra food out.

Pair Up With A Buddy

Another get-fit-for-less tip is to pair up with a buddy. If you do want to book a session with a personal trainer, see if you have a friend, family member, or co-worker who may want to join you.

Most personal trainers will offer a discounted rate when it’s two per session compared to just one person.

Focus On Free Activities

Finally, don’t overlook free activities. Go for a long hike on the weekend or head to a park and play some Frisbee with your kids. All of these are ways to get active that won’t cost a dime and will help you lead a healthier lifestyle as well.

Remember that not all exercise has to take place in the gym.

So keep these quick tips in mind to help you save money as you strive to reach your health and fitness goals.

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