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5 Foods To Try This Coming Year

With the New Year underway, you’re likely looking at making some changes to your eating habits. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose that you gained throughout the holiday season or you simply want to make this the year that you live your healthiest yet, what you eat will have a large influence on the results that you see.

Rather than attempting a giant diet overhaul however – something that typically never ends well, why not focus on just adding one or two new foods to your menu each week?

By doing so, by the time the year is up, you’ll have formed a diet that can’t be beat.

Here are five foods that many people still aren’t eating that should be considered for your menu plan.


Similar to yogurt only in drinkable form, Kefir is an excellent source of probiotics, that can help strengthen your immune system and keep the healthy bacteria in your gut to a normal level.

This can then go on to do everything from boosting your energy level to preventing disease. Most people are not taking in enough probiotics in their diet as it stands, so we could all use a little boost.

Bok Choy

A leafy green that is often overlooked is bok choy. It’s very comparable in nutrition to that of spinach, so should rank high on your list to include. It’s an excellent source of calcium, with a one cup serving providing 16% of your daily needs, so if you’re someone who doesn’t eat a lot of dairy, it’s a food to start using more often.

It’s also rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, folate, as well as B vitamins.


Sick of always choosing chicken for your lean protein source? Would you love a cut of red meat? If so, bison should be your prime pick. This red meat variety is just as lean, if not leaner than chicken and will provide you with the iron and zinc your body needs.

While it is harder to find, make an effort to include it in your diet protocol. You’ll be happy you did.


A great grain that often gets overlooked is that of barley. Many people think of it as the soup grain, only to be used in beef barley soup.

And while that is one way to serve it, barley can also be used in salads or simply on its own in a side dish.

All are acceptable and delicious ways to serve it. This grain is very low in the GI index and packs in a powerful dose of fiber, so is excellent for those who are hoping to control their blood sugar levels.


Finally, don’t forget to try a few mangos over the months ahead. This vitamin-C rich fruit also packs in a good dose of fiber and will give you a great change of pace from the usual orange, apple, and banana you may currently be eating.

Fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants in the diet as well, so this will serve to combat free radical damage and prevent disease associated with oxidation.

So keep these five foods in mind as you go about setting up your daily menu. Remember that part of eating healthy is about trying new healthy foods so that you can get the broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals that you need. It isn’t just about proper levels of carbs, proteins, and fats – but these nutrients as well.


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